A Level Chemistry Revision

A range of weekly podcasts designed to offer revision material for AS and A Level Chemistry from Allery Tutors. These will be ideal if you are studying or thinking about studying A Level Chemistry and can be downloaded to create your own library of revision sound bites.
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A Level Chemistry Revision

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Welcome to the podcast site for Allery Tutors. This is home to a range of weekly podcasts designed to offer revision material for AS and A Level Chemistry. These will be ideal if you are studying or thinking about studying A Level Chemistry and can be downloaded to create your own library of revision soundbites. Should people ask questions regarding A Level Chemistry I will answer them just contact me via my twitter page @allerytutors my facebook page 'allery tutors' and via my site I also have a YouTube channel with revision videos on too, feel free to take a look and subscribe.

Scripts for each podcast are available here so you can read and listen! A much more effective way to learn. Print them off and scribble notes all over them. Click here to get them.

My aim is to make A Level Chemistry as accessible as possible and I hope through the medium of podcasting I can achieve this! Love Chemistry!!

Please support these podcasts by making a donation. I run these podcasts to help other students understand chemistry however there are costs associated with it that I cover out of my own pocket. Donations will keep this project viable and will allow a more rapid expansion of the podcasts and development of more products to aid your revision! I would love to run a live progamme with the right technology! Thank You!!


Nov 14, 2015

Redox reactions a little bit like the shower gel! You certainly will be coming out of the exam with the sweet smell of success after listening to this podcast. Get stuck in to redox equations and how to construct half equations correctly and combine to form ionic equations with a neat method. Find out the difference between oxidising and reducing agents and oxidation and reduction. Not only that, but work out the agents from any equation! You don’t need to be a secret agent to crack this one!

Nov 8, 2015

Stand for the national anthem of the Oxidation States of Chemistry! Sounds very grand doesn’t it? It certainly is an important part of chemistry and plays a role in most areas of Chemistry. Listen to this podcast to find out about what oxidation numbers are, the rules of oxidation states and the exceptions (there is always one!). Find out how you can work out oxidation states of elements within a molecule and what the romans contributed to this!

Oct 31, 2015

Initiate your revision, propagate your knowledge and Terminate with your exam! Yes it can only mean free radical mechanisms! This podcast looks at the process to make haloalkanes from alkanes via free radical substitution and a bit of Ultra Violet. This reactive bunch of chemicals have been linked to damaging of ozone via CFCs but also have very important uses as you will find out. All the equations, all the explanations and the tips to avoid the exam pitfalls. You will have heard of fishing well in chemistry there is fission, Homolytic and Heterolytic to be precise. Totally radical!!!

Oct 24, 2015

Caution this podcast is on fire! Well not quite, but it does contain content of a flammable nature! Listen in to find out about how alkanes are used as fuels and the difference between complete and incomplete combustion with equations! There is also a look at the nasty side by looking at how the pollutants are formed – Nitrogen Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide and particulates! Ouch! There are some more equations thrown in too. Finally we look at how to reduce these by looking at catalytic converters and flue gas scrubbers! Now your cooking on gas!

Oct 19, 2015

What a cracking topic! Well it has to be alkanes and petrochemicals. This podcast will look at alkanes and how they are extracted from crude oil using fractional distillation. It also explores the uses of the fractions e.g. diesel, petrol, LPG, Kerosene and bitumen. There is even a talk of saturated and unsaturated molecules. Finally it looks at catalytic cracking and thermal cracking to optimise the use of the crude oil. 

Oct 10, 2015

Well Heston Blumenthal stuff this is. When you listen to this podcast you will find out what a Barium Meal is and why it is used. There is a bit more standard chemistry in here too by looking at solubility of group 2 hydroxides and sulphates. To top it all off this podcast is bulging with uses of toxic Barium Sulphate, Calcium Hydroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide, Calcium hydroxide and Oxide as well as using a metal to extract another and scrubbing! All funny things going on here!  

Oct 3, 2015

What do you do with dead atoms? You Barium! Yes... that was a group 2 chemistry joke! Listen to this podcast to find out about the reactivity of the alkali earth metals (Beryllium, Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium and Barium) their reactions with water, oxygen and acids. You will also find out the reactions of group 2 oxides and hydroxide and also settle that burning question you have all been asking! What is the difference between a base and an alkali? Well all will be revealed in this Earth themed podcast!

Sep 27, 2015

You may have heard of a price comparison site, well this is a bond comparison podcast! A neat little sound bite that summarises all the bond types, structures and physical properties. Find out the similarities and differences between covalent bonds, ionic bonds and metallic bonds. Not only that but find out how the structure affects physical properties and when you should talk about intermolecular forces when explaining melting and boiling points. All this and some example questions for you to have a crack at! Brilliant!

Sep 19, 2015

Do you have a steely determination to succeed in Chemistry? Well this podcast on metallic bonding will help you to succeed! Listen in to find out about what a metallic bond is and find out about the physical properties of melting and boiling points, malleability, ductility, strength and electrical and thermal conductivity. There is also a link with toast and jam! Seems odd but take a listen to find out more.

Sep 12, 2015

Watch out James Bond there is a new bond on the scene - POLAR BOND! Well at least in this podcast! Take a listen to find out what this polar bond is what electronegativity is. Explore the attractive world of intermolecular forces such as van der waals, dipole dipole and hydrogen bonding. Find out why these are so important when trying to explain physical properties of compounds. Stick with it, it will be worth it!

Aug 29, 2015


This podcast contains one of the most precious minerals on Earth! Yes, get your ear full of covalent molecules such as diamond, graphite, crystal and.... sewer gas! The variety of covalent molecules! You will find out about the difference between simple molecular and giant covalent, how their structures affect physical properties like melting point and electrical conductivity and a bit of dative covalent bonding too! As usual it is packed with try it yourself questions to make sure you undersatnd the stuff! Now that's handy! 


Aug 22, 2015


Just like a country has an economy, Chemistry has one too, called the atom economy. Let your brain absorb the wonders of this as well as percentage yield and empirical formula. Just to give you a little insight, you will find out how to calculate them all with little tips to help you grab all the marks in the exam. Not only that, but there are links to industry, highlighting the importance of yield and atom economy. Certainly not economical with the chemistry here!


Aug 15, 2015

Trying to titrate tests a titrator's time! Say that quick 3 times! Thankfully titrations doesn't have to be as difficult as that! In this podcast you will find out what a titration is as well as the reasons why we do specific things when doing a titration such as why we swirl the flask during a titration. All these are common 'How Science Works' concepts and vital for your practical exams! Not only that I will give you a neat way to calculate concentrations from a titration and how to make a standard solution! Ever wondered what language meniscus comes from? Well this podcast even addresses that, complete with a cake baking analogy! So much in only 16 mins! Mmmmmm just enough time to bake a cake!

Aug 8, 2015

Keep an ion on this podcast, it may just crystallise your understanding of Chemistry! Listen in to find out what an ionic bond is, why ions form and how to write an ionic equation correctly. Find out what the Greeks have to do with ionic bonding too. Not only that but there are neat little ways to work out chemical formula and calculation water of crystallisation or .xH2O as some of you may know it as. All this packed in under 15 mins!

Jul 26, 2015


The Mole the Merrier! This podcast may just dig you out a chemistry hole. Listen in to find out about what the mole is and what Avogadro has to do with it. You will also find out the 4 main equations regarding calculations using the mole including the ideal gas equation. Not only that but you will find out some little tips to make sure that you answer the question correctly and don't lose marks for silly things! Such an important part of your chemistry tool kit, you really can't afford to ignore it.


Jul 18, 2015

This podcast is very trendy in the world of Chemistry. That's because it is full of trends of ionisation energy! Listen to find out what the trend is as we go down a group and across a period. Watch out for the deviations away from the trends though! Thankfully this podcast will point them out to you and explain why they deviate. A little bus analogy may help you to never forget it too. Listen to find out what I mean!

Jul 11, 2015

Ionising energy, sounds like something from a Sci-Fi film! No fiction with this podcast though. Fill your ears with what we mean by ionisation energy/enthalpy and the factors that affect it. Find out what successive ionisation is and how it can be used in graph form to prove the structure of the atom. A whole lot of ionising fun in under 10 minutes!

Jul 4, 2015

How many ways can you arrange electrons? Lots! This podcast will just look at the s,p,d and f sub-shells and orbitals that you need to know for A Level Chemistry. It will guide you through how to write electron configuration for atoms and ions as well as the dodgy ones for transition metals.

Jun 27, 2015

What a weighty podcast this is! That's because it talks about relative masses including relative atomic mass, relative molecular mass and relative isotopic mass, every thing you need for A Level Chemistry. Explore this podcast to find out what a time of flight mass spectrometer is and how it works. In addition there will be an example calculation on working out the relative atomic mass using a mass spectra. Go on get your weight behind it! 


Jun 20, 2015

The building blocks of life! That's right we are talking about atoms! Prick your ears up with this 10 minute burst of atomic fun needed for the new A Level Chemistry spec. This podcast will go through the structure of the atom, ions, isotopes and the exciting history of the atom. So much in only 10 minutes! Listen to find out for yourself!